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High Efficiency Homes

Welcome to Old Europe Construction LLC

Although we specialize in the look and charm of the old world, our hallmark is providing the finest in luxury amenities, energy efficiency and permanence through innovative technologies. For example, our use of Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) allows us to build houses stronger, more energy-efficient, and allergen-free without sacrificing architectural flexibility.

Foremost, at Old Europe Construction we build homes in styles and ways that last.

Please browse our portfolio and email us with any questions regarding ICF's, stamped concrete or custom home design. An ICF e-brochure under Specialty Concrete will soon be available outlining the use and benefits of the technology.

At a glance here are some of the benefits of ICF construction.

  • 44% less energy to heat and 32% less energy to cool
  • No CFCs, HCFCs, or formaldehydes, or wood to rot and mold
  • Substantially quieter
  • Superior strength compared to conventional wood houses
  • Ecologically friendly
  • Architectural flexibility


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